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Introducing our new Brand Ambassador

Hello, I'm Kitty and I'm a 25 year old software engineer by day, rider and photographer by evening, from Gloucestershire, and I am thrilled to be introducing myself as the new Brand Ambassador for Team Equestrian.

I own one horse, Henry, who is a 14 year old Dutch Warmblood X Irish Sports Horse, and we have been on a somewhat unorthodox journey together.

Henry came to me 8 and a half years ago when I was only 16, and quickly turned my life upside down. Just a couple of days after I got him, it became apparent he had a dangerous vertical rearing problem and was not at all what I was expecting.

We quickly sought professional help, and I was advised the best thing to do was either to send him back or put him down due to this behaviour; I was told I'd never be able to ride him.

Unfortunately/fortunately, I am really quite a stubborn person, and upon being told I would never be able to manage Henry, immediately decided that I would learn one way or another and prove everyone wrong, especially as I did not want to send him back to where the problem had come from, and did not believe he would have a safe future if I were to rehome him.

Over the next few years, we didn't really get anywhere and I'm sure almost everyone thought I was absolutely mad. Thankfully, I finally found some truly excellent help in 2018 and we re-started Henry from the ground up using classical dressage and horsemanship principles, something I had never seen myself doing as I had purchased Henry with the aim to compete in showjumping & eventing.

This experience has led me to where I am now, building my confidence and Henrys confidence after a tough time. I am passionate about using my social media to create a community of supportive horse riders who stand by each other when we decide to take on a challenge, and understand that horses are never coming from a place of nastiness.

Because of this, I am keen to create a personal brand that I can represent wherever I go; whether competing with Henry, going to clinics, or just out training, which makes this collaboration with Team Equestrian perfect for us. I am so excited to work with Team Equestrian going forwards, as their range of superb horse and rider wear is unparalleled. They are also incredibly local to us, which means I can get my deliveries the Zero-Emissions way (on horseback!).

You will be able to find product reviews and examples of the gear in use over on our socials over the coming weeks!

You can find Henry and I on social media at:

Instagram (@kittyj.equestrian),

Facebook (Kitty Juggins Equestrian),

TikTok (@kittyj.equestrian)

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